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- Sale of ABCE 90% dry chemical powder, carbon dioxide, foam,
  wet chemical and automatic extinguisher.

- Sale of safety and rescue equipment such as safety helmets,
  Boots, gloves, overall, first aid kits, safety spectacles etc.

- Sale, mapping, installation and maintenance of safety
  systems such as fire suppression system (Fm200) wet chemical
  suppression systems, CCTV camera systems, Fire hydrant 
  systems, smoke/heat/ultra violet flame detector systems etc.

- Refilling of extinguishers

- Evacuation drills 

- Acquisition and renewal of fire certificates

- Visits by KUO Fire Safety team to monitor fire extinguishers

- Mapping of fire extinguishers and fire fighting systems for 
  optimal placement within premises

- Annual fire safety training
Kuo Fire Safety Services
KUO Fire Safety is the only safety company in Ghana that provides its customers with all necessary fire safety requirements to prevent and reduce any kind of fire hazard risk. We empower our customers to protect their human resource, infrastructure and data by making every necessary service and equipment available. Our full range of products and services include: