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Posted on Feb 12, 2021

Our Labone Showroom is open six days a week to serve our clients since February 2016 to provide our clients with an array of product selection, including fire fighting equipment, ABCD 90% dry chemical powder, carbon dioxide (CO2), foam, water, and wet chemical extinguishers , a wide range of personal protective equipment, security equipment, CCTV cameras, first aid, spill kits, safety signs, and a variety of accessories and hardware solutions to detect and notify of any hazard like fire, burglary, or a gas leak.

It is the one-stop-shop for your safety, fire engineering, and security system needs. Partnering with industry-leading brands, our showroom highlights a selection of high-quality products to ensure the service we provide to our clients is reliable and safe.


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Eric Tettey Jun 11, 2020
l need k5 Safety patches to buy. Do u have some in stock, and where is your office located in Labone.? l have tried all your lines, but l am told they are incorrect.

Emmanuel Crentsil Nov 05, 2019
i want infinity 8 conversoinal panel and smoke detector, and call point to buy am in takoradi

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