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Posted on Feb 12, 2021

KUO Fire Safety provides training courses on a diverse range of subjects that equip the trainees, employees, and individuals with essential skills and knowledge required for maintaining safe working environments in their jobs within respective industries.

Fire Safety Training:

Its purpose is to educate trainees about fire hazards in the workplace, and how to act in the event of an emergency fire situation, the type of fire extinguisher to use, and to train staff on fire safety procedures.

First Aid Training (With CPR):

It covers common scenarios such as bleeding, dislocations, burns, poisoning, seizure, electric shock, and respiratory emergencies.

Emergency Evacuation Training:

This training is designed to plan for general emergencies in facilities, assign roles, and train staff to manage the emergency evacuation.

Confined Space Training:

This training is designed to raise awareness about the hazards one can encounter in a confined space, safe entry and escape training, and a rescue plan with the proper safety equipment.

Work at Height Training:

This training identifies the hazards of working at height, provides fall prevention/protection options and methods, and trains staff to select and inspect the suitable tools and equipment for the job.

Ergonomics Training:

This training is to remove incompatibilities between workers and the work they perform every day to create an ideal work environment and increase productivity.


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