CO Monitoring & Ventilation Systems


The Simplicity CO system was designed to be simple to use addressable carbon monoxide detection and ventilation system, capable of detecting low concentrations of CO, and automatically starting the building’s ventilation fans. Its features include:-

  • True analogue addressable system
  • Economical 2 wire installation
  • Can view the PPM reading of every detector
  • Each detector can be given a 20 character label to ease device identification (optional)
  • Loop of 32, 64 or 126 devices over 2, 4 or 8 zones (depending upon chosen panel version)
  • Continuously displays the maximum reading in each zone
  • Option for 2 ventilation relays per zone, for systems with 2 speed fans
  • Zonal or common ventilation options
  • Easy to use ventilation level selection
  • Battery backup enables the system to give an alarm warning in the case of mains power failure
  • System “programming” is determined by detector & relay address settings
  • Suitable for small and large installations
  • Designed & Manufactured in the UK
  • Meets latest low voltage directive CE marked