With a history of over 3 decades, HD Fire Protect is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fire-fighting products. With an aim to set the highest standards of manufacturing excellence, we provide a comprehensive range of water, foam and gas suppression firefighting products and systems, designed to meet the precise and ever changing industry requirements.

We are passionate about delivering high quality products with the goal of offering solutions that meet all project requirements and complexities. We manufacture an extensive range of fire-fighting products, including standard as well as customized solutions. The product range mainly consists of fire sprinklers & accessories, system valves, deluge valves, deluge skids, pre-action systems, water spray nozzles, foam proportioning systems and discharge devices, mobile foam units, fire monitors, gas suppression systems, and custom engineered skids. Today, our products have been tried, tested and successfully accepted in over 75 countries worldwide.

Sprinklers and Accessories ​​​​

HD fire sprinklers offer a diverse range of small, thermosensitive options in various models, finishes, and temperature ratings. These brass sprinklers, available in chrome coating, natural brass finish, or custom colors, can be adapted to specific design needs. They are not only reliable in traditional use but can also function as open sprinklers when the glass bulb is removed. HD provides a comprehensive range of accessories such as HD-Flex sprinkler flexible drops, test and drain valves, and check valves to enhance sprinkler systems. UL Listed and FM Approved, HD sprinklers assure quality and safety, though approval status may vary among models. For detailed information, including technical specifications and ordering details, refer to the product catalogues. 

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Pendant sprinklers

Upright sprinklers

Horizontal sidewall sprinkler

Vertical sidewall sprinkler

Concealed sprinkler

Conventional sprinkler

Test and Drain valves

Pressure relief valve

Alarm Valves

HD alarm valves act as a check valves by trapping pressurized water above the clapper and preventing reverse flow from sprinkler piping. Alarm valves are designed to initiate an alarm through water motor gong bell and/or pressure switch during a sustained flow of water (such as the flow required by an open sprinkler). HD alarm valves are UL Listed and FM approved. Alarm valves are available with trims consisting of retarding chamber and water motor gong bell. Please refer to product catalogues for approval information, technical specifications and ordering information..

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Alarm Valve Model H

Water Motor Gong bell

Retard Chamber


HD fire monitors (water cannons) are highly robust products, designed with advanced technology and tested to provide the high-quality water jet and fog patterns. Our fire monitors range includes monitors offering small and big flow, steel and bronze material of construction, fixed as well as trailer mounted models. HD fixed monitors are UL Listed or FM approved. 

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Monitor - VAJRA 331 

(Cast bronze)

Monitor - Varum443 

(stainless steel)

Monitor - M 311 

(carbon steel)

Monitor - Varum443 

Electric remote controlled

(Stainless steel)

Deluge Valves & Systems

HD deluge valve is a quick opening, differential diaphragm type valve. Deluge valve is used to control water flow in Deluge, Pre-Action as well as Foam systems. The valve is held closed by system water pressure trapped in the priming chamber thus keeping the outlet chamber and system piping dry. In fire conditions, when the releasing system operates, pressure is released from the priming chamber, resulting in opening of the deluge valve.

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Deluge Valve Model A

Deluge Valve Model

with Pressure reducing Pilot Trim 

Integrated Deluge Skid DSK

Deluge Cabinet D